Sunday Sermon – The Great Amnesia

Sunday July 28th, 2019 at Noon

Join Rev Chris Johnson for his Sermon – The Great Amnesia

As the years pass, we experience changes to our memory. Small details that were once easily recalled become blurry. Experiences blend together and remembering names and numbers becomes increasingly difficult. We might remember a decades old event with great clarity, but immediately forget the name of the person we just met.

Our spiritual nature is one of the great mysteries. If we are spirits living in bodies, then where does our spiritual essence go before and after our lives here? Many religious texts explore the concepts of “between lives” but none seems to give the complete, or even plausible answer. Is it possible that we all have some type of spiritual amnesia that prevents us from realizing our true nature?

In this Sermon Rev Chris explores the concepts of remembering and forgetting and the spiritual aspect of our human experience. A group discussion immediately follows the sermon. All are invited to join the discussion with the gathered congregation.

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