Our Lectures, Services and Courses Of Study

Divinity Revealed

A Sermon by Reverend Chris Johnson

In this quirky and compelling sermon, The Pastor of The Church of Divine Transformation shares his story of being touched by the power of the Divine, and the compelling message that came with it. He ties together several concepts and leaves you with a unique perspective on how to find the divine spirit in your life. As he says “There is magic around you at all times, waiting to be found. What are you waiting for?”


The Collateral Damage of Big Art

A Testimonial by Reverend Sylvia Massy

Reverend Sylvia Massy shares her personal stories of a career in Big Art. She gives a behind the scenes look at what it truly means to be an artist. In her rollicking presentation, Rev Sylvia inspires, educates and motivates you to find the artistry in your life, and then live it.


Brand New Ending

A Testimonial by Brother Doug Fergus

Brother Doug shares stories of his life and how he came to live every day as if it was the best day ever, because it is. In this zany and irreverent performance, Doug concludes by hosting a sing-a-long that is guaranteed to leave you smiling.


The Personal Responsibility Course

A Guided Course of Study that Removes Life’s Barriers

It can be hard to connect with the Divine Infinite when you’re saddled with problems and stress. Do you know why you’re not getting what you want in life? Do you know people who seem to be their own worst enemy without ever realizing it? In the Personal Responsibility course you are guided to seek out and destroy the hidden enemy factors in your life.

This is a focused one-on-one series of counseling session with a Pastor. Each of the five sections takes about an hour. They are generally scheduled over a two-week period.


Your Six Mental Faculties

Learn to Use The Keys To Success

In this one hour lecture, you learn about your mental faculties and how to use them. You learn many exciting truths, such as the fact that you have a perfect memory and can easily be taught to use it. With exercise and study, you can hone your mental faculties and raise your awareness to a state you might never knew existed. It case you can’t name them yet, your mental faculties are Perception, Memory, Reason, Will, Intuition and Imagination. They are mental muscles that can be strengthened with exercise.

The Divine Principles – An Introduction

What are the principles that rule above all else?

In this lecture, you’ll get an overview of the immutable principles that govern creation and transformation. We give an overview of the principles and how they fit together, and then a summary of each principle.