Words of Wisdom

The amount of information available in our modern world is staggering. The smartphone revolution washed over us so quickly that we forget that they didn’t even exist a decade ago. The new drug of choice is information and delivered via smartphone it is tailored to be as addictive as possible. We hear new words such as “Clickbait” and “Fake News” to describe various aspects of this information economy. We see the manifestation of information overload all around us. It’s socially acceptable to disconnect from our surroundings, gaze downward and check our phones, again. And again.

But can we trust the information that is presented to us in this format, and is there an emptiness in the endless stream of updates we crave?

In this thought-provoking sermon, Reverend Christopher Johnson explores the perils of technology overload and examines the important differences between information, knowledge and wisdom.