The Age of Addiction

Sunday May 27th at Noon

Rev Chris Johnson gives his sermon:

“The Age of Addiction”

We live in the age of addiction. Overdose is so common that the police carry Nalaxone, an antidote for a synthetic opioid so powerful that even a small grain can be lethal. The sure signs of Methamphetamine addiction can be seen in every day encounters. The open-sore gas station attendant, the shirtless guy carrying a bag of cans outside the grocery store. Desperate needs lead to desperate behaviors,  and the addiction-fueled underclass that haunt our cities.In our times, addiction is big business. Addictive products create great profits and the market drives incredible innovation. Smartphones got exponentially more powerful and crossed some invisible line into addictively good. Pedestrians now ramble with screens held high, while drivers furtively glimpse down at their phones while sitting in traffic. It’s illegal, but it’s also an irresistible pull. Addition is monetized, like any other market commodity.In this sermon, Rev Christopher Johnson explores the topic of addiction. What is the history of addiction, and what do we make of a world where so many addictions are now easily over-indulged?