From Dust to Dust

Sunday April 22nd at Noon

Rev Chris Johnson gives his sermon:

“From Dust to Dust”

Our Universe is but dust. Atoms are made of ghostly quantum particles, molecules made of atoms, and all things ultimately built from molecules. As above so below, it’s wheels within wheels. From the spiral arms of a galaxy to the swirl of a drain, we exist within a grand design of infinite divinity.

In our Universe, clouds of cosmic dust transform into galaxies, each containing billions of solar systems and trillions of planets. It is as if our Universe was specifically designed to provides endless possibilities for life, in the form of countless alien worlds.

In this sermon, Rev Christopher Johnson inspects the topic of life on Earth and the possibility that life is rampant throughout our entire Universe. What will be the effect on humanity, and specifically on legacy religion when we discover that life exists on other planets?