Cats Cradle

Bokononism is a fictional religion that appears in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Cat’s Cradle. It’s a strange, postmodern faith that combines cynical observations about life with odd, but peaceful rituals For it’s followers, Bokononism makes life bearable through acceptance and delight in the inevitability of everything that happens.

Here in the real world, we are constantly reminded of existential threats- weed killers cause cancer, vaccines cause autism and the Russians are counting our ballots. The fog of disinformation obscures rational thought as our beautiful empire veers dangerously at the hand of our vengeful golden emperor. How could one possibly be happy in the face of such impending doom?

In this sermon, Rev Chris Johnson examines the recurring existential themes in the written works of Kurt Vonnegut, and explores the true meaning of religion as an “opiate of the masses.” Is it possible for one to achieve existential peace here in the modern world? Can we rely on the legacy religious faiths to provide the perspective needed for a better life today?