Lisa Dubois

I am a Texan. I originated in the south- Ft.Worth, Texas, to be precise and I lived in Texas for 18 years, then 3 years in both Oklahoma and Arkansas.  That’s where my sound comes from.

I’ve had a love for reading since the moment I learned. One of the BEST things about reading is the way a story draws you in. To me, that’s so magnified whenever I have the opportunity to share a story aloud and others are drawn in too. It’s wonderful hearing a good tale especially when the telling rings true and from the heart of the teller. In the 5th grade we had an inspiring teacher that really brought that out by what SHE put in to the telling of some of the great classics. That’s the heart side of my bio/story. 

In regard to how I developed my skills/ability and technique- my “schooling,” so to speak; I was adopted twice. The second time was by a family who are Jehovah’s witnesses. From age 5-15 years I learned not only improved reading skills, (with quite a bit of focus on effective pronunciation and enunciation), but also a lot of about reading aloud in both private and public settings.