Dr. Frederick Mayer

Fiddlin’ Fred Mayer PhD

“PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS” pretty much sums up Frederick Mayer’s musical contributions. Classically trained performer and teacher, Fred plays all Americana styles including bluegrass, blues, Broadway, old time, gospel and jazz, as well as Latin, Scots/Irish, Klezmer, Balkan, gypsy and several Asian styles. He likes to say that he’s the “ultimate sideman” in supporting the lead vocal/instrumental to sound its best. But he’s also a leader when needed having conducted orchestras, bands and choirs for decades. In addition to strings, Fred is trained as a percussionist on all orchestral percussion instruments as well as African and Afro-Cuban skins, shakers, scrapers and bells.

A composer and arranger, Fred can help flesh out songs and compositions and create additional vocal or instrumental parts. He is especially helpful if you need someone to rehearse the ensemble so that musicians are ‘recording ready’ when you arrive.

Let’s talk about SOUND! Acoustic and amplified acoustic is where his passion thrives. Fred designs, creates and plays unique sounding instruments. His main ‘axe’ is a Quintessent 5-string viola (CGdae’, quintessentmusic.com) which he designed and produced. This 5-string has an even violin/viola voice across its extended range from top to bottom. The Quintessent 5-string viola sounds great shredding leads or filling in back-up harmonies. The Quintessent plugs in when clean edgy effects are needed.
Also in Fred’s collection is a 5-string viola d’amore with seven sympathetic strings. This replica of a Czech baroque instrument from the 1600s brings a unique color to any ballad or contemplative composition.

Fred’s latest musical creation is the 37-string MonoKotRa (monokotra.com). It creates spacious spiritual atmospheres and can also have an Asian leaning flavour. Amazingly evocative and powerful!

Contact Fred at fredmayerphd@gmail.com or through Musical-Elegance.com; voice/text 216-225-6512.