Cole Chadwick

I am a drummer/percussionist/backup singer. I play reggae, EDM, house music, rock, funk, pop, and dub music. I grew up in a musical family with both parents being professional working performers/musicians in Boston and the surrounding area. I grew up in and around recording studios so I am very comfortable in that setting. From the ages of 7-11 I sang with my parents in a 10 piece World Band – “Bongoville”, so performing live is also a very familiar environment.

As a drummer who sings and has worked all my life with singers and songwriters, I feel I have a special sensitivity to support the feel and dynamics that musical artists need. I am a very reactionary player, I have lots of fun mirroring the vibe the songwriter is going for, and I learn material quickly.

I have toured the US three times and have spent thousands of hours in the recording studio with the “Wicked Hangin Chads.” I am currently playing with the “Acid Brunch Club” as well, and preparing for the third annual West Coast Summer Tour with the “Wicked Hangin Chads.”