Bob Jackson Miner

Some back story…

Got Lucky – In my early twenties I became friends with a gifted guitar player from New Jersey, named Gerry Ciccone. My first wife and I moved our hippie selves to the East Coast so I could play harmonica with Gerry’s band, The Saturday Night Bath. All of us went through ups, downs and growing pains, but the Bath was often well received and we eventually recorded at RCA Studios in New York City with our manager-producer, RCA master recording engineer, Raymond F. Hall.

After seven months of recording our album in RCA Studios, just when it was time to start proudly showing the product around the building, our female lead singer suddenly got cold feet and ran out on us. That effectively crashed the project and I soon moved back to Texas with my wife and our daughter.

Got Focused – Some years later, I decided that musically and otherwise, I needed to suck less, so I enrolled in the music department at The University of Texas at El Paso where I spent five and a half years learning vocal performance, music literacy, acting, Jazz guitar, Spanish, etc…

Got better chops, got more gigs.

Below you’ll find some of the formative life experiences that followed.

And Now… My official upbeat bio-blurb!

Alias Harmonica Bob – I play Bluesy Bluegrass… Country-Rock-Reggae…
Klezmer Gospel… Dreamtime Salza Soundscapes… and mo’.

Occasional Producer – Back in the day, I produced 33 custom jingles for radio and television advertisers and multiple recording projects for various solo artists and bands in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. I also produced an album and 3 singles for Jamaican artist Sweeney Williams – with The Wailers, The Tamlins, Dean Frazier’s Buffalo Soldier horn section and other superb Jamaican artists in Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studios; plus additional sessions with members of The Peter Tosh Band (Dr. Paul and Santa) at Music Mountain Studios, also in Kingston, Jamaica.

As well, I produced all the music for my own live concerts and television show.

Children’s Entertainer – For 10 years, I, along with my company of actor/singers at Harmonica Bob Productions, performed kid shows for schools, festivals, corporate galas and other events. And, before the advent of Fox News, I did a 4½-year stint as on-air host for The Fox Kids Club and The Peter Piper Playhouse on KFOX TV in El Paso, Texas.

Singer – Bass-Baritone, 3½ octave performance range (E2 to G5).

Vocal Performance Coach – Since 1981, I have personally helped more than 3,000 people improve their singing and public speaking.

Diction Coach – Although I work with an array of dialects and accents, my specialties of  vocal freedom and Singing American English have opened the way to relationships with talented clients in the USA, Mexico, Scotland and Russia.

 Actor – Before moving to Ashland in 1999, I played the leading roles in Jesus Christ Superstar, 1776, Cotton Patch Gospel, Man of La Mancha and more. Since moving to Southern Oregon, I have performed principal vocal roles in 23 additional music-theater productions including the shows Sweeney Todd, Pump Boys and Dinettes, Guys on Ice, Shenandoah, Gigi, Do I Hear A Waltz? and Chess.

I also portray Abraham Lincoln in political speeches and other public events. And as a part of Ashland’s July 4th celebrations, accompanied by the seventy-piece Ashland City Band, I deliver Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.