Adey Bell

I am a pianist, vocalist, composer.

My specialty as a musician and healer is in the realm of the psyche- I observe and study the archetypes and stories behind our actions and manifestations.

My live performance, a journey to the Otherworld and back, is designed to transport listeners to an oasis for the soul.

For the last 10 years, I have performed as a one-woman show at venues throughout the US, including festivals, conventions, clubs and private parties, house concerts & churches. Catch my next show by signing up on the mailing list at

Additionally, I performed the lead role and composed the score for the feature film, “The Last Avatar”- available now on Gaia TV.

My 3rd album, “Silver Wheel”, features my newly formed ensemble, Venus Exalted and Ms. Sylvia Massey’s mix of the album’s single, “Lady Like”.

I currently reside in S. Oregon and in addition to recording demos for my new album and booking 2019 performing dates, I have a private practice providing Divination, Counseling and Mentorship.

I have a deep passion for the reclamation of Women’s Wisdom, Blood and the cycles of life, I believe it is the leading edge of consciousness on Earth and the only path to continuing our species on this planet.

“Adey’s music is a collection of masterworks, songbooks from the other side. It is music for uncovering the lost pieces of yourself. “

-Alexander Niver