Join Rev Chris Johnson for a Sunday Sermon – The Game of Life

Sunday September 8th 2019 at Noon

Join Rev Chris Johnson for a Sunday Sermon – The Game of Life

Consider that life as you know it is but a multi-player game, and you’re player one. The billions of other players also bring their own unique viewpoints and goals. This Earth game is big and extraordinarily complex. The game has been running for eons, with millions of players returning for additional rounds. The game is so engrossing that many players get sidelined by devilish distractions and you can hardly blame them- Once you get into a body on this planet you’ll be so overwhelmed that you’ll be lucky to remember who you even are! Anything can happen here, this place is wild!

In your everyday life, consider the dramatic games you’ve seen people play. It might be the sympathy game, the blame game, the cheating game, the drugs game, the attention game, etc. Now consider some of the silly games you’ve played. It’s humbling to realize how trivial we can be at times, and even more humbling to realize how self-defeating those low-toned games are. The good news is that most anyone can start playing at a higher level, beginning right away. The only limiting factors are desire and level of awareness.

Now consider those lucky people who truly understand the fundamental design of the game, they really have an advantage. They embrace life knowing that ultimately nothing can go wrong and everything is available to them. They know that life is now, and they experience it as an adventure. Are they winning?

In this Sermon, Rev Chris travels to the far realms of imagination regarding the meaning of life on Earth, and invites the congregation to explore alternate viewpoints beyond their normal reality.  He then brings everything home with some simple, practical advice for living a better life, starting today.

A group discussion immediately follows the service.

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