Bob Miner – Intuition

Sunday August 4th 2019 at Noon

Join Rev Jackson Miner for his Sunday Circle

I should have known better…

I knew I should have…

Many of us see intuition as if looking through the rear view mirror. We lament that part of us knew, but the other part didn’t act on the information. On occasion, we all intuitively know that something is about to happen. A common example might be answering the phone and then saying “Wow, I was just thinking about you!”

We are all born with some sense of intuition. Some people have developed theirs such that they can use it as a reliable guide, while others are barely even aware of their own surroundings. The good news is that all our faculties can be exercised and strengthened. Since intuition is one of our most important abilities, improving it can be a life-changing, and awareness-raising endeavor.

In this Service, Reverend Bob Jackson Miner educates and engages the congregation on the topic of intuition. He compels you to notice your own sense of intuition, and challenges you to have the courage to follow it.

Musical performance by Kathryn Casternovia & Jef Ramsey and special musical guest Frederick Mayer will appear with his MonoKotRa

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