Age of Enlightenment

Sunday May 26th, 2019 at Noon

Join Rev Chris Johnson for his Sunday Sermon

“Age of Enlightenment”

Some consider that mathematician Rene Descartes’s 1637 statement “I think, therefore I am” to have sparked the so-called Age of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment included a range of new ideas centered on reason as the primary source of knowledge. These ideas were in direct opposition to the European monarchies and fixed dogmas of the Catholic Church. In that era, Coffeehouses commonly offered books and journals to their customers, and they were an important factor in distributing information that would have been otherwise oppressed

We live in a new Age of Enlightenment. We see the explosion of new information and ideas presented to an increasingly educated population. Governments in China, Iran & North Korea actively censor information, but the internet just can’t be completely contained. The Catholic Church seeks to hide it’s dirty secrets while symbolically, Notre Dame is seen engulfed in flames. Meanwhile the coffeehouse culture reaches epic heights and the smartphone revolution makes communications abundant and immediate.

In this Sermon, Rev Chris Johnson discusses the Age of Enlightenment and illustrates the parallels to our current era. Can you name some of the takeaways from the original Age of Enlightenment? Can you even imagine the  results of our current Enlightenment? Perhaps history provides clues.

A group discussion immediately follows the sermon. Adey Bell to perform

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