Our Faith

The Church of Divine Transformation celebrates the beautiful truth that all living things are connected. Further, we believe that life has a specific purpose, and that we all must strive towards realizing our fullest potential. Our religious philosophy exists to help our followers improve and transform their lives. Our compelling services, lectures and events are geared towards raising consciousness. We provide the knowledge and inspiration that transforms lives and allows people to flourish. Ours is a well-ordered universe and we are able to understand many of the basic principles that tie together all that exists. We teach the teach the timeless laws of creation and how transform your life by using these basic principles. First and foremost, there is the one simple rule:

Do Only That Which is Right

  It can be argued that this rule is meaningless, because right means different things to different people. We teach how to know what is truly right, that which follows the natural laws of creation. By studying these divine principles you will come to know that which is truly right.

There is a concept that God is a system that controls all other systems. We call this force the Divine. It represents the vast matrix of possibilities that are continuously swirling around us. Both science and theology agree that nothing is created or destroyed. That means that everything that has ever existed exists right now. But everything is constantly transforming into ever more novel manifestations. This is a very deep subject and requires careful and sustained study in order to truly understand. Before you can share this priceless information, you must know it cold. We strive to share this knowledge and wisdom and our second article of faith is:

Share the Beautiful Truth of the Divine Infinite

We believe that through careful study and enduring discipline, one can learn these principles, raise their awareness and transform their lives. One may find a certain “weightlessness” that comes from knowing in their heart that which is truly right. By studying the principles, one will come to understand that everything desired is both available and obtainable. And that by following the timeless principles, one can live a richly creative life that is the embodiment of the Divine. This can be thought of as “living art as a 24/7 lifestyle.” Our third article of faith commands us to manifest our beliefs.

Transcend by Living in Harmony with the Immutable Principles of Creation

All living things are a manifestation of spirit. And spirit flows through all things. We believe that a life lived correctly should have a sense of “weightlessness.” This weightlessness comes from deeply understanding and living within the natural laws of creation.

You Are An Artist

We are here on this earth to transform thought into form. We are all artists working under the grand designer and Creator or God, the Divine Infinite. We DESIGN our world. Our job is to take matter created by the Divine Infinite, and with it develop new and wonderful things. This may be in the form of art, music, fashion, architecture, scientific and technical innovation, film, writings, gardening, dance and performance. It can be in the way you communicate, your personal space, the way you prepare food, the car you drive, or whether you have a car at all. You DESIGN your own world. By being an artist and co-designer, you are the hand of the Divine Infinite, and can reach the highest form of living that can be attained.

The Hand Of The Divine

How do you comprehend something that goes beyond comprehension? And there we have the central problem when grappling with the concept of infinity. How can there possibly be something that never begins or ends? And yet the world of the Divine is Infinite.

Miracles will happen with great regularity when you live in accordance of God and the Divine’s rules. By transforming one form of matter into another through your own inspired design, you are an artist. You are the Hand Of God, the Divine Infinite.

Have A Purpose

DESIGN a worthy ideal to build your life around, therefore to express our true spirituality we must have a legacy project. The greatest treasure an artist can share is to create Big Art as a legacy project. This is an innovative and all-consuming goal. It is not a selfish project, but is given freely for the enjoyment and enrichment of all of our lives. Achieving Big Art will make your life prosperous in many different ways, but it will also include sacrifice. Big Art may contain several small goals which, when completed one by one, will help you reach your life’s purpose. To reach the worthy ideal of Big Art, first you should consider carefully what it means to you. Find your God purpose.

Art As A 24/7 Lifestyle

Art As A 24/7 Lifestyle
As members of the Church Of Divine Transformation, we realize that the highest form of living is to be a designer of Big Art. To live every day, every moment as an artist. This is our worthy ideal, this is our purpose. As a designer we are acting as the Hand of God, that is, we do not create, because all that will be created is with us now, rather we transform matter into new and exciting forms as the channeling of the Divine Infinite. Our first step to finding our purpose is to understand Big Art and its many forms:

Imagery: Fine Art, Painting, Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Fashion, Beauty

Substance: Crafts, Woodworking, Carpentry, Weaving, Architecture, Drafting, Product Design, Auto Restoration

Dialogue: Writing, Reporting, Speaking, Ministry, Counseling, Politics

Culinary: Product Development, Agriculture, Baking, Cooking, Restaurateur, Chef

Sound: Musician, Songwriter, DJ, Radio Programmer, Sound Engineering, Sound Production, Sound Design, Foley Artist

Entertainment: Film, Video Game Design, Skateboard Design, Television Programming

Environment: Interior Decorating, Gardening, Landscaping, Painting Contractor, Florist

Communication: Web Design, App Design, Programming, On-Air Personality, Politician, Advertising

Science Arts: Doctor, Medical R&D, Cartography, Paleontology, Inventing, Mechanics Investigation, Forensics

Performance: Dancer, Theater, Acting, Acrobat, Choreographer, Wedding Planner, Screenwriter, Trial Lawyer, Conductor

Physical Mastery: Yoga, Climbing, Sports, Health Arts, Massage, Kama Sutra, Martial Arts, Dietician

Teaching: Curriculum Planner, Lecturer, Mentoring, Counseling

Intuitive Connection: Psychic, Tarot Reading, Healing Arts, Animal Training, Spiritual Guide

Cartography Of The Big Life

Here are basic steps to create an ACTION PLAN for BIG ART and put it into Motion:


As you dream, you may have thoughts and ideas swirling around in your head. Now is the time to collect and organize them. Keep a journal available within reach, carry it in your backpack, keep it in your car, your purse. Have several ways of writing down ideas. Make long lists of what you want to do, then identify the ideas that best describe who you are as a person. These are the legacy projectS that every artist needs to have as their goal. It may take a lifetime to reach these goals, but they are attainable with careful management of your time and resources, and with patience and dedication to the task.


Take your legacy project ideas one by one, and identify the steps needed to reach those goals. This will be your outline. If your project is to paint a huge inspirational art mural on the side of a building in Chicago, some of the steps to achieve this goal would be: go to Chicago and find the right neighborhood for the project, contact the Arts Council in that Chicago neighborhood, design the image, find a building owner that might want to support the project, check with the City planning commission to make sure you will get a green-light for the project, look for grants for possible funding, start a non-profit organization to help with fundraising, start a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital to make it all happen.


Here is where you take the outline of your legacy project, and take the first steps to move forward, pushing the boat away from the dock. Take an hour every day to create forward Motion towards this goal. Create a check-off list and mark it with milestones as you reach them. Keep this list with you and review it often, if not daily. The plan will morph and change as time progresses, but if you continue to keep the goal in your thoughts and stay connected to God, it will most certainly materialize.

Practical Steps To Outline Your Legacy Project

Use a pad of paper or start an online document. Name it “My Legacy”. At the bottom of the page, write your ultimate goal. At the top of the page write the first step needed to go in the direction of this goal, then down the page write the steps needed to go from the beginning to achieving this legacy project goal. These are your “milestones” in reaching your legacy project.


Before transformation can take place, the design must be created in your mind. Use PRAYER, MEDITATION, and VISUALIZATION to help your ideas take form. Concentrate of the steps needed to get to your greater goal.


A simple way of using Visualization is to think of yourself with your legacy project complete. Imagine yourself in the process of going to the art showing where the project is being displayed, the opening of the film that you made, the reception of the recital, the receiving of an award you so desire. Imagine yourself in detail, what you are wearing, where you are walking, who is with you, what you are talking about in this scene from your imagined future. Another technique is to make a sketch or drawing of the finished legacy project. Artists have a great tool at their disposal in helping their dreams manifest by being able to accurately describe the VISUALIZATIONS on a page or canvas. Another technique is to collect images online or from magazines onto a pinboard, all relating to your legacy project goal. These thoughts help to solidify the DESIGN and further the forward Motion towards it.

Know What You Want In Life

Most people are getting what they want. Even if pain and disappointment seem to cloud the picture, it may be because the dreamer has not carefully considered the question. What Is It That You Really Want? Spend some important time thinking about this. The answers will help guide your direction from here on out.

The mind is an amazing thing. With it you can design a world of your choosing, and the sky's the limit! But choose carefully because the mind can be a very powerful and potentially dangerous tool. Especially when tuned up by sharpening the mental faculties of Memory, Will, Imagination, Intuition, Reason and Perception. If PROSPERITY is what you want, then know what PROSPERITY is. Is it money? Is it fame? Is it material abundance? Would you like a life full of adventure and intrigue? You can draw positive, as well as negative things into your life with the power of your mind. By taking time to dream daily and connect with God, you can VISUALIZE your life’s new design and develop a plan on how to attain it. Then you can take steps and develop an ACTION PLAN to get there.

Set Your Compass

Every morning remind yourself where you are in the achievement of your legacy project. If you have reached a milestone, mark it off the list and concentrate on your next step. Adjust your path as you go. Decide what you can do that day, no matter how small a task, in order to set your compass and stay focused. Now take some time, even just 5 minutes, to meditate on the task at hand and what you will achieve by doing this task.


Do not be complacent in achieving your legacy project. Action must be taken. It is God’s will, you are the Hand Of God. Get started now. Make an effort every day, no matter how small, to move towards your goal.


Let Intuition be your guide as you put the pieces together. Keep your eyes open for clues. An INTUITIVE COMPASS will guide you to meet the people who will help you reach your goals. Recognize those signs when you see them. They will be right in front of you. A long-lost friend sends you an email. Answer it. You get an invite to an event that you would normally decline. Accept the invitation. You eavesdrop on an interesting conversation. Introduce yourself. Watch how quickly the doors open.

Step By Step How To Connect

Write your message on a piece of paper. Memorize it, then set it down nearby. If you have a journal, write it and dogear the page for reference. If you have a Legacy Shrine, fold the piece of paper with the message on it and place it on the shrine.

Lay flat in a smooth bed in a quiet room with the door closed. Stretch your arms and legs out as long as they will go, then relax. Feel your presence within the room. Close your eyes and within your mind know where the walls are surrounding you. Connect into the room, as a part of the room. You are matter, created by the Divine Infinite. The room is also made of matter created by the Divine Infinite. You and the room are the same. Now within your mind look at the world outside the room, outside the building. Imagine the trees, the cars in the street, the people in those cars. Imagine the grass, the roots reaching into the ground. Now within your room, feel your roots reaching into the ground, meeting with the energy of the grass, the trees, the cars, the people. You are all one. You are now connected. Feel the flow of energy through everything.

Now that you have connected into the source, imagine your thought energy channeled to anywhere in the world you want to go. Imagine now the people you want to bring into your life. Travel through your mind, through the network of energy grounded in the earth, to a person you need to draw into your world. Imagine your thoughts traveling through the roots into the ground, traveling through the network. Picture in your mind a person you want to draw into your life. Someone who is essential for you to reach your goals. Whether this is a mentor, a person of finance, a fan, a student, a teacher. They may or may not have defined features you can recognize. You may not be able to tell if they are man or woman. Only that they are a living being and that you are communicating with them on a different plane. Give them your prepared message. Within your mind, speak to them.

Do this exercise once a day, during the quiet time in the morning before you get out of bed. Soon you will see tangible results as new people appear into your life who align with your goals.