Our Philosophy

Divine Transformation is a contemporary religious philosophy that teaches the principles for living a better life, starting today. We promote the beautiful truth that everything you need to lead the life you desire is available to you.

At the core of our philosophy you’ll find timeless spiritual truths portrayed in a manner that can be understood, remembered, and acted upon.

One of the guiding principles are just these few simple words:

You will find what you are looking for

This might sound like a fine bit of fluff. But it is meant in a practical and realistic sense. Science informs us that our subconscious mind filters much distraction from our conscious awareness, because it has to. And thus we don’t “see” many things until we start specifically looking for them. We can raise our awareness and discover this better world exists all around us. 

In this life, the lucky people are the ones who are on fire with a creative project. Fulfilling it is their heart’s desire. They proceed with enthusiasm and the full knowledge that any resources they need will be found. After all, life is but a game, a treasure hunt and a great adventure. Attitude and level of awareness are the only real limiting factors.

In many legacy religious faiths, the focus is on prayer in it’s dictionary sense, a request for help from a God or object of worship. Adherents pray on schedule in a comforting ritual, but the results can be hit or miss

In our philosophy we believe strongly in prayer, but prayer in the literal sense. If we are spirits in physical bodies, then our prayer is the movement of spirit through our physical form. In other words, our thoughts turned into actions. Our thoughts are firmly within our own control, and our actions determine everything. And thus another one of our guiding principles is easily understood:

You actions are your prayers

What exactly are your praying for? Are your actions aligned with your goals, and are your goals supported by your thoughts and feelings?

What is the best thing you could accomplish in this life?

Are you working on that now?