Ronnie Ray

I grew up in Oakland, Ca.,  a professional in the music business for 30 years. S.F Bay Area, L.A., NYC, and  Canada. From Heart, as a producer my goal is to spread compassion thru sound, music, and movement. I enjoy co-producing with bands as well as producing a solid seasoned unit.  I have released a studio “all star”solo album project, that was well received, Raydience (on MegaWave Records 2009-12),  and have done much production work with studio ace, Kenneth Nash, formerly with Weather Report and Herbie Hancock; have performed with “Zap Mama”, “Gonga Giri”, “Lion of Juda”, “Pamela Parker”, “Garaj Mahal”, recorded and performed w/ “Rocker Tee” and  co-produced and performed w/Zahira (, and several others. Currently, I’m a part of the band, Streamline Trio, ( I play: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Slide, Oud, Kimbus, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, (create flute section parts or solo) flute (alto, soprano, and Native American) and I sing in the second tenor range. My main influences as a guitarist are Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, Paul Jackson Jr.  I specialize in Rock, Old school Funk, SwampFunk, Tribal, Afro-Beat, World, American Folk, classical, Ambient, Jazz, Soundscape, Afro-Brazilian backgrounds, West African. Of great importance for me; the “science of groove” and consider myself a “harmony fixer” and am keen on “pitch correctness” rather than “pitch correction.”