Helen-Thea Marcus

I began singing at 3 years of age, started playing piano at 4, and have been performing ever since.  I am comfortable on stage and in front of an audience.  Although I am a classically trained musician, (singer/pianist) I lived in the Bay Area and was exposed to a broad spectrum of music by my parents.  This included jazz, contemporary, opera, soul, hip hop, rock, and R&B. I enjoy learning covers, recording background vocals and piano riffs for others, and writing and performing my own compositions. I recently returned from studying acting in Spain which I feel has greatly contributed to my songwriting efforts. I read music, and am a quick learner.  Improvisation is my second nature- it’s like coloring, I enjoy exploring the raw and the organic processes of creating. This contributes to honoring the empathetic vibrations between the audience and the performer(s). My vocal range is E3 to E6. I support my creative growth by teaching piano, practicing, and collaborating with others.