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Sunday March 18th at Noon

Rev Chris Johnson gives his sermon:

“The Reality of Reality”

Can anyone say for certain what is truly real? In these turbulent political times, what is accepted as “the truth” has become more of a moving target than ever. Media manipulation is pervasive, done with the goal of manipulating what you see as reality.

Ultimately, what is real to us is what is real. But do our individual viewpoints prevent us from seeing a true picture of reality? And can our realities be changed, or even upgraded?

In this sermon, Rev Christopher Johnson inspects the topic of reality and explores the possibilities and alternate realities that exist all around us. As we often say in our Church, “You will find what you are looking for” and this sermon explores practical methods for understanding and creating a better reality for yourself and those around you.

Lyceum discussions immediately follow the sermon.

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