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Sunday October 27th 2019 at 6pm

Join Rev Adey Bell for Wishcraft

As the nights grow longer, the iridescent call to come home to ourselves grows louder.
When darkness descends there is nowhere to hide.
If we can make friends with our churning, bubbling, inner unrest then we may be able to transform the heavy lead of Being into the golden dawn of Becoming.
“If we own the story, then we get to write the ending.”
-Brene Brown
That’s what I think anyway.
This is my intention;
Let us create a monthly sanctuary for inquiring within.
Let’s create a demarcation of time during the dark of the Moon,
where we lay down our weapons &
our agendas and ask the Universe to illuminate the part of the unfolding mystery that we cannot see with our eyes.
The light of consciousness dispels the shadow of ignorance.
Can we come together to consider that we have the choice to live by default or by design?
Can we be open to the idea that we co-create our lives with the life force intelligence that surrounds us?
Can we strengthen our heart-knowing,  cultivate spiritual resiliency and redefine American Spirituality?
Ambitious, I know.
But I’m willing to try.
And I hope you join me.

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